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Thank you for visiting. We are 19-A specialists that can help you with all of your compliance needs. Everything from reviewing existing documents, new carrier compliance setup, to yearly checks for compliance, we are your one stop for all Article 19-A needs.


What is Article 19A?

Article 19-A was enacted to further highway safety by creating standards for the qualification of bus drivers and bus companies in New York State. All persons and companies engaged in the transportation of passengers (restrictions apply) in New York State must be qualified to do so through several regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in enforcement of civil penalties and often suspension or revocation of transportation privileges by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

In summary, companies that transport passengers for hire in New York State (including school buses, ambulettes and certain livery services) and their drivers MUST comply with Article 19A (and its associated laws and regulations). Compliance with these regulations can be rather confusing and complicated. And failure to comply can be very costly to transportation companies.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles certifies 19A Certified Examiners to assist companies in their compliance efforts. Certified examiner duties include the testing and evaluation of drivers as required by the biennial written/oral examination as well as the biennial behind the wheel road test and the annual defensive driving performance procedures set forth in the relevant regulation. However, in addition to those duties, 19A Certified Examiners have the experience, training and background to help transportation companies file the necessary paperwork and maintain the appropriate records to comply with these regulations.


Why Us?

Here at 19-A Specialists, we are retired motor vehicle licensed examiners and 19-A auditors, so you are sure to be working with the best.

There are several reasons to use a 19-A Specialists

  • 19A audits and compliance is all we do. We're not distracted by other ventures, and are only focused on your Article 19A compliance.
  • Avoid Hefty Fines
  • Avoid Disqualifying Drivers
  • Stay in total compliance
How Can We Help?
We can help with 19-A compliance for all of these vehicle types:
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